AMS Integration

Membership Integration has never been easier....

Our custom APIs allow seemless integration with your Association Management Software (AMS). Integration is the process of displaying AMS data in the CMS, a flawless integration experience gives your members that ability to edit their profiles, register for events, and pay membership renewals in one place. Integration is like a successfully completing a puzzle, think of each individual piece of AMS data as a puzzle piece. When all the puzzle pieces come together you get one cohesive picture in the CMS. Here's a glimpse of what AMS integration can do for your association: 

Integration in the CMS:

  • Providing a single sign-on experience for your members
  • Guests can create new profiles
  • Users can request a new password if they have forgotten their password 
  • Build custom directories based on AMS profiles
  • Guests can join and pay for Memberships
  • Creating Member Restricted areas in your Website based on roles assigned in your AMS
  • Populate pages with Board Member and Staff bios
  • Pull in event content from AMS and display in calendar lists
  • Display items from the AMS store and make purchases 

Integration in Community:

  • Using dynamically created discussion groups based on chapters or groups in your AMS
  • Automatically generate subscriptions to Community content based on role 
  • Access and Edit AMS data through the SSA menu 
  • View Community specific content and events 
  • Display Officer Blocks based on AMS roles 
  • Pull Member and Group Directory data from AMS 
  • and so much more...