CMS for Government Agencies

How to Grow your Website & Business during Budget Cuts

Government agencies and non-profit organizations are perhaps, the hardest hit in terms of having to cut back resources, and man/woman power to keep from going under. One thing government agencies can do to stretch their marketing dollars and extend their online reach is to take control of their own website updates. Our eSuiteTools product has capabilities that far exceed expectations in regard to allowing the user to update and be in control of its own website functionality.
A small investment in content management software upfront, will more than pay for its self in the upcoming weeks, months, even years.

Make your website easier to find, update, and navigate - Grow your web site & grow your business

CMS is content management software that makes it easy to evolve websites to be more proactive and responsive to changes within a company/organization, as well as make it easier to keep up with evolving technology.
There are many benefits to integration of CMS software for government agencies. Some of the benefits include:
  • Assigning users unique log in and permissions
  • Multi-level editing and approval
  • Content can be edited by one user - approved and published by another
  • Site-wide design standards (styles, fonts, layout, & colors) ensures website remains consistent in as you expand and add content
  • Update your website from anywhere – just log-in
  • Revert to older versions or undo mistakes within history
  • Upload and images, documents, and PDFs and organize in media library
  • Move pages from one section to another or change their order
  • Add YouTube, Flickr, RSS, and Google Maps to your site
  • Search engine optimization “SEO” friendly features to improve site find ability:
    • text-based navigation
    • keyword tagged pages
    • customized page titles and friendly URLs
Using CMS software to power non profits and small business websites is a cost effective, affordable means of managing website updating, especially during times when on-hand man/woman power is minimal. Additionally, depending on the CMS software integration, when new hires come on board, most content management systems are easy to learn, requiring only basic word processor knowledge.
Demo our eSuiteTools software and discover how to grow your website today, and grow your business tomorrow.