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Baltimore, MD May 15-17, 2016 Systems Solutions, Inc. (SSI) will be attending ACGI Knowledge Days.  Don't miss out on our workshop "Everything you wanted to know about CMS but were too afraid to ask", where we will dispel some of the most common myths about what content management system is.  The workshops interactive format will provide the audience a chance to ask their most pressing questions about content management systems.

If you'd like to learn more about ACGI and KDays, click here.

Temecula, CA February 1, 2016 Systems Solutions, Inc. (SSI) is pleased to announce the launch of the American College of Trail Lawyers website. The American College of Trial Lawyers (ACTL) project includes a full redesign. Working collaboratively through the design process, SSI and ACTL created a website that is as beautiful as it is functional. The redesign gave ACTL a content management system with new functionality to enhance the user experience, including community.

ACTL Community Features Include:

Temecula, CA- September 29, 2015-The best kind of content management system for your association is the one that gives you the tools you need to grow and adapt to the needs of your members. Maybe your association had, or still has, a listserv  to accomodate electronic updates of member conversations? Ten years ago, a listserv was a great way to get members talking and keep them informed of ongoing conversations, but social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have altered the way our culture communicates. Your members do not want to spend their valuable time scrolliing through the listserv, reading a thread of comments and replies as long as Santa's naughty list. We took time to listen to our clients and the obstacle they face in communicating with their members while maintaining user enagagment, this was the outcome: 

Temecula, CA- August 1, 2015- System Solutions Inc. (SSI) provided CASBO with a Community that is visible to the member only. Seamless integration with Association Management Software and Single Sign On capability gives eSuiteTools the ability to recognize CASBO Members and give them access to Community. 

CASBO was founded in 1928 and serves more than 3,000 members by providing certifications and training, promoting business best practices and creating opportunities for professional collaboration. CASBO members represent every facet of school business management and operations. The association offers public school leaders an entire career's worth of growth opportunities. While the majority of CASBO's web content is available for public consumption, the CASBO Community is a Members Only perk. In addition to their Member Only Community, the CASBO website features a clean, modern design. 

Temecula, CA- July 1, 2014-System Solutions Inc. (SSI) is pleased to announce the launch of Indiana Bankers Assocation's new CMS and custom discussion forum. Prior to working with SSI, the Indiana Bankers Association had an outdated website and listservs. IBA was seeking a technology partner that was able to redesign, integrate with their Association Management Software (AMS) and support their new website... SSI happened to be a perfect it for the job. 

Wildomar, CA, July 31, 2013 — System Solutions Inc. has announced the launch of a new Website template design and base content management with eSuite Tools for Dee Elliott Consulting.

Wildomar, CA, July 31, 2013 — System Solutions Inc. (SSI) has provided Change Management Institute (CMI) with a newly redesigned Website template, content management system and member management software.

Wildomar, CA, July 22, 2013 — System Solutions Inc., (SSI), today announced the launch of a new Website design and member management software with eSuite Tools content management system (CMS) for the San Diego County Veterinarian Medical Association (SDCVMA).