IBA Launches Custom Discussion Forum to Replace Listservs

Allison England

Temecula, CA- July 1, 2014-System Solutions Inc. (SSI) is pleased to announce the launch of Indiana Bankers Assocation's new CMS and custom discussion forum. Prior to working with SSI, the Indiana Bankers Association had an outdated website and listservs. IBA was seeking a technology partner that was able to redesign, integrate with their Association Management Software (AMS) and support their new website... SSI happened to be a perfect it for the job. 

Indiana Bankers Association is based in Indianapolis, IN and is guided by its Mission, Vision and Values Statements. The IBA website provides information on advocacy, news specific to banking, events , and products and services. The IBA website is also integrated with IBA's Association Management Software and provides a single sign on experience for members. IBA does not have an online community, but they needed a way to replace their outdated listservs. A customized dicussion forum was the solutions to IBA's request. IBA elected to use the optional join/unjoin feature in their discussion forum. This feature replaces the integration option which automatically subscribes members to groups. SSI's subscriptions and notifications module simplified the arduous task of transitioning off of a listserv.

The Subscriptions and Notifications Module provides the following features:

  • Can be used as standalone product or in conjuction with our Community product
  • Discussions can be organized by topic or group 
  • Subscriptions can be automatically created the intergration with AMS software


  • Product can be configured to allow user to join/leave groups as they desire
  • Notifications are "branded" with association logo
  • Notifications provide direct links back the specific posts, or comments
  • Users can manage their notifications in an intuitive user interface (UI) 

About System Solutions Inc.

Founded in 2001, SSI was formed to deliver custom software solutions to organizations and member associations. System Solutions Inc. offers many years of experience in design solutions for data-driven environments. SSI has continued to expand its value to associations through technology advances into social networking, social media and the latest Web design standards. To meet these demands SSI relies on their technical expert staff of Web designers, marketing specialists, SEO strategists, and social networking specialists.