CASBO Website Features Community with Role Based Access

Allison England

Temecula, CA- August 1, 2015- System Solutions Inc. (SSI) provided CASBO with a Community that is visible to the member only. Seamless integration with Association Management Software and Single Sign On capability gives eSuiteTools the ability to recognize CASBO Members and give them access to Community. 

CASBO was founded in 1928 and serves more than 3,000 members by providing certifications and training, promoting business best practices and creating opportunities for professional collaboration. CASBO members represent every facet of school business management and operations. The association offers public school leaders an entire career's worth of growth opportunities. While the majority of CASBO's web content is available for public consumption, the CASBO Community is a Members Only perk. In addition to their Member Only Community, the CASBO website features a clean, modern design. 

In partnering with CASBO, SSI delivered a CMS that meets their unique business needs. Event calendars, third party integration for job listings, blogs, and a multimedia channel that allows CASBO to easily share videos with the end user are all elements of CASBO's new CMS. Click here to learn more about eSuiteTools Community features

About System Solutions Inc.
Founded in 2001, SSI was formed to deliver custom software solutions to organizations and member associations. System Solutions Inc. offers many years of experience in design solutions for data-driven environments. SSI has continued to expand its value to associations through technology advances into social networking, social media and the latest Web design standards. To meet these demands SSI relies on their technical expert staff of Web designers, marketing specialists, SEO strategists, and social networking specialists.