Ditch Your Listserv and Upgrade to the Latest Tool for Discussion Forums

Allison England

Temecula, CA- September 29, 2015-The best kind of content management system for your association is the one that gives you the tools you need to grow and adapt to the needs of your members. Maybe your association had, or still has, a listserv  to accomodate electronic updates of member conversations? Ten years ago, a listserv was a great way to get members talking and keep them informed of ongoing conversations, but social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have altered the way our culture communicates. Your members do not want to spend their valuable time scrolliing through the listserv, reading a thread of comments and replies as long as Santa's naughty list. We took time to listen to our clients and the obstacle they face in communicating with their members while maintaining user enagagment, this was the outcome: 

  • Listservs are outdated and clunky
  • Communicating through social media can feel cold and impersonal
  • Members want more control over their notifications

Last year, after gathering feedback from our clients we began developing a new Subscriptions and Notifications Module that would incorporate the best elements of a listserv with the warm personal touch that was missing from social media. The result has been a great success and in less than a year many of our clients have incorporated this CMS feature in their website.

The Subscriptions and Notifications Module provides the following features:

  • Can be used as standalone product or in conjuction with our Community product
  • Discussions can be organized by topic or group 
  • Subscriptions can be automatically created the intergration with AMS software


  • Product can be configured to allow user to join/leave groups as they desire
  • Notifications are "branded" with association logo
  • Notifications provide direct links back the specific posts, or comments
  • Users can manage their notifications in an intuitive user interface (UI) 

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