Standard Features

Group interaction

  • Create User Groups based on user-specific interest, roles, positions, committee affiliation.
  • Share group specific content, host discussions, share documents, and post group specific events.
  • Decide when you want to receive notifications from Community: immediately, daily, weekly, or not at all. 
  • Blog about various material or post about different venues for upcoming events.
  • A Streamlined User Dashboard specific to Community.
  • Remarkable and convenient community search bar with the ability to find groups, authors and discussions based off of a simple tag.
  • Each Group features a group specific directory. Searching for members of your group is a breeze!
  • Officer Blocks highlight the key members of the group.
  • Allows Members to create and share content within their groups.
  • Badges and Points to create social engagment and showcase leaders in community.
  • Group organization can be traditional membership structure, or topical structure.
  • Standard Layout utilizing your logo and brand.
  • Assistance in community organization for your group and topic organization.


Personal Profile with Real Time Updates!

  • User-friendly profile with an "about" page, status updates, photo and link sharing.
  • Build relationships with users for networking outside of Community.
  • Watch your community grow with Community Analytics with current graphs, charts and user content percentages.
  • Have real time conversations in your choice of a private or public space where users can network, ask/answer questions and find valuable information.
  • Participate in polls based on group interests, event dates and idea pools.
  • Manage your group with information kept privately or broadcast it publicly.
  • Customizable calendar with multi views, content sharing and roll-up feature. See only what you need to see and filter out any irrelevant dates.
  • Push and Pull capabilities for user information with 3rd party membership databases.


Advanced (Add on ) Features

  • Faceted searching and Taxonomy organization.
  • Multiple content types at the group level.
  • Member directories, and group level directories.
  • Auto generate group events for an event only group.
  • Targeted Marketing based on profile configurations.
  • Reply to post in group by responding to an email notification.
  • Calendar, in network and out of network contributions.
  • Custom Designs.
  • Special channel group type page designs.
  • Ad Zones.
  • Header Rotator.
  • Custom integrartion requests for unique user experience needs.
  • Share group specific content, host discussions, share documents, and post group specific events.
  • Content Migration from legacy system into new community organization.