Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop

Standard Features 

Complete Layout Control

  • The easy to use Drag and Drop editor allows you to create content areas giving you control over where content is placed on your page and how it will be laid out on your page. 
  • Pagemaker supports not just image areas but you will be able to do the same with videos, bodies of text, and more.
  • Out of the box predefined layouts (widgets) available at your fingertips.   

Drag and Drop Asset Manager

Exclusive Product

  • The Drag and Drop editor, or "Page Maker" is a custom module developed by System Solutions Inc., and will be an exclusive product provided within our Esuite Tools package.
  • Taylored layouts (widgets) giving you even more autonomy over your pages.

Watch the demo below to see how simple Drag and Drop makes building your page.  To view more demos please visit our demo center.