Standard Features

Product Sales

  • Easily configure products and set price points 
  • Use your website to generate additional revenue 
  • Shopping cart allows guests to shop for mutiple products and simplifies the checkout process 
  • Sales reports simplify the acounting process and offer insight into guest purchases 
  • Set up unique SKU (Stock Keeping Units) for each product

Accept Payments Securely through the Web

  • Allow existing and prospective members to easily pay membership fees whenever they want, with a 24/7 high level security of SLL encryption.
  • Secure credit card processing for all types of transactions and purchases

Accept Donations

  • Reach out on a regional, national and global level and accept donations from all over the world.

Advertising Opportunities

  • Generate revenue with a number of available advertising options.
  • Customize large banners, block ads or simple text ads to fit your site’s needs.